BBQ Mushroom “Steaks”

Even carnivores love these!


I first learned this incredible technique of turning oyster mushroom clusters into “steaks” by the Wicked Healthy Sarno Brothers, Chad & Derek. They have a way with mushrooms and even wrote a “Mushroom Manifesto” e-book! The technique of searing and pressing the clusters between two cast iron skillets while cooking over a steady heat creates an incredibly “meaty” texture. It works great with Maitake clusters. Also, cooking Lion’s Mane this way can mimic a chicken cutlet and with a beet marinade, a piece of steak!

Mushrooms are extremely nutritious, do not contain any fat, and are very versatile for cooking.

You do not need to run out and buy cast iron cookware if you do not already have it. This can be done with two pans and some weight on top.


Oyster or Maitake mushroom clusters

Dry seasonings:

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Smoked paprika

Salt & pepper

You can also use cumin, chili powder, lemon pepper, or your favorite blend.

For Basting:

Barbecue sauce


Have two skillets ready and a firm metal spatula. Pre-heat one pan over a medium to medium-high heat. To test it is hot enough, drip a drop or two of water in it – it should sizzle. I use a very thin spray of avocado oil. However, this can be done with no oil, but I recommend beginning at a slightly lower heat – medium to medium low.

Sprinkle your seasonings over one side of the mushroom and put the seasoned side down in the hot pan. Take your other pan and press it on top. Hold it there with pressure for 30 seconds or so, then leave it to cook (with a weight on the pan if not using cast iron – like a large can of tomatoes) for about 5 minutes or until a fair amount of liquid has released from the mushroom. With your spatula carefully flip it and season the up side, put the pan on and press again and cook another 5 or more minutes. Season and flip one to two more times or until both sides have a nice golden color and most of (or all) the liquid has been absorbed. You are aiming for golden brown. Heat a grill (or grill pan if cooking in the kitchen) and baste the mushroom with your favorite barbecue sauce and place the basted side on the grill and cook several minutes, baste the top and flip and cook until both sides have char marks and the some of the ends are blackened (kind of like a steak). Remove from the heat on to a cutting board and slice diagonally into strips to serve, with some more sauce on the side. This is great on a sandwich, taco or in a burrito.


Photograph of Lisa Rice in the kitchen

Lisa Rice

Sr. Health Mentor & Director of Content and Promotion
Photograph of Lisa Rice in the kitchen

Lisa Rice

Sr. Health Mentor & Director of Content and Promotion