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Matthew Lederman, MD & Alona Pulde, MD:

• Chief physicians in the documentary Forks Over Knives and authors of the best-selling eponymous book series

• Ten years as VPs at Whole Foods Market, where they created the grocery giant's  signature in-house Medical and Wellness clinics and integrated insurance networks

• Parents of two pre-teen girls

• Believe there's more to health than wellness

About WeHeal

Dr. Alona Pulde and Dr. Matthew Lederman are the pioneering physicians from the groundbreaking film Forks Over Knives and founders of the transformative virtual healthcare model, WeHeal. Staffed by physicians and educators trained in nutrition, compassionate communication, and other complementary modalities, WeHeal offers program and subscription-based private health and wellness mentoring rooted in peer-reviewed medical practices.

Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD

NY Times best-selling authors and physicians, Pulde and Lederman have spent decades treating chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, and obesity with their diet and lifestyle medical practices. Parents of two pre-teen girls, the couple most recently served for nearly a decade as corporate Vice Presidents at Whole Foods Market, where they built the company’s comprehensive medical & wellness centers, coaching and retreat programs, and integrated hospital/insurance networks. With Whole Foods Market founder John Mackey, they co-authored The Whole Foods Diet and The Whole Foods Diet cookbook, adding to their catalog of published best-sellers The Forks Over Knives Plan, Forks Over Knives Family, and Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole.

More to health than wellness

The word wellness is most often used to describe an aspirational state of physical health, attained by attention to diet, lifestyle, and other inward-facing behaviors. Pulde and Lederman believe existing healthcare models fail to consider the measurable impact of authentic connection with family, friends, colleagues, spirit, and the natural world. Methodically examining a series of these internal and external factors, WeHeal empowers its clients to achieve a sustainable experience of Life is Wonderful.

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