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  • "Your coaching and guidance with NVC has become a foundational part of all my important personal and professional conversations. Several of my family and friends have been so positively impacted that they have started their own NVC journey. We are so grateful for the work you are doing and the enormous difference WeHeal is making for us all!"

    Jude S

    Austin, TX

  • "An enriching and life changing experience."

    Jennifer P

    Los Angeles, CA

  • "After having worked with WeHeal, my relationships with friends and especially my husband, grew a lot stronger. They brought awareness of all the ingredients it takes to live a happy and healthy life. I am truly grateful."

    Babs Y

    Oakland, CA

  • "After serving 10 years as a United States Marine, my back pain was excruciating and constant. The WeHeal model and tools, including expressive writing, mindfulness, and breathing exercises, not only helped me with my constant and frequent back pain, but also dealing with PTSD and controlling my anger."

    Alex M

    Tampa, FL

  • "A gift that has enriched my life and brings me great joy and happiness. I am incredibly grateful to have found such caring and compassionate teachers to guide me through this life-changing program. "

    Ellen N

    Denver, CO

  • "I have never felt as hopeful and empowered… I finally have a true sense of peace."

    Mona L

    Johnstown, CO

  • "I feel more powerful, free, and authentically self-expressed. I also feel more at peace. Life has more ease and joy. I am now generally a much happier, kinder, and far less resentful soul than I knew could be possible."

    Mei L

    Long Beach, CA