Our team of physicians, health mentors, and personal connection specialists can lead you to a life that is wonderful.
The visionary doctors behind Forks Over Knives present a transformative new healthcare model that takes you from wellness to wonderful.

Originally an esoteric concept preached by doctors like Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra, wellness has become a buzzword so ubiquitous, even the big insurance companies are shouting about it. And while the meaning of the word has become increasingly ambiguous, it's safe to say just about everyone wants to be well.

But there's more to life than a sense of personal well-being. Our health and happiness is equally impacted by the way we relate with the natural and spiritual world, and by our human connection with family, friends, and colleagues.

Drawing from decades of clinical experience, Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD weave together a proven set of complementary modalities in programs designed to identify, enrich, and sustain these core pillars. Joined by a veteran team of physicians, osteopaths, health mentors, and experts in human connection, WeHeal doesn't just show you the way to wellness, we lead you to Life is Wonderful.

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