Calorie Density & Three Phase Eating

The concept of calorie density is easy to understand and very helpful as you make decisions about the food you eat. For example, since a pound of broccoli contains far less calories than a pound of peanuts, we say the peanuts are more calorie dense. The chart below illustrates the calorie density of different foods.

phase one foods

Per pound, these foods are the LEAST calorie dense and the MOST nutrient dense.
Raw vegetables
100-200 Cal/lb.
200-400 cal/lb.

phase two foods

Phase two foods are grains, beans, and starchy vegetables. These are high in nutrients and fiber, but still low in calories.
Starchy Vegetables
300-400 cal/lb.
Whole Grains
400-500 cal/lb.
500-600 cal/lb.

phase three foods

Phase three foods are the most calorie dense. When used sparingly, nuts, seeds, and avocado are good sources of healthy fats.
750 cal/lb.
Animal products
700-1200 cal/lb.
Pure sugar
1800 cal/lb.
2200 cal/lb.
Nuts & Seeds
2600 cal/lb.
4000 cal/lb.